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DWI and Drug Related Offenses

Expert report included if applicable in DWI cases. Most DWI cases are contestable but require the analysis of an expert in the field sobriety test and the testing of Blood Alcohol Content. The firm utilizes an expert evaluation in most cases. In order to challenge the Blood Alcohol Content results an expert opinion is often necessary.

Mr. Kearns has a Masters Degree in Counseling and has worked extensively with drug addicted individuals in a clinical setting.  He worked for Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and in Boston as a therapist working with individuals and families who struggled with addiction and other related matters. He has a unique empathy for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction and having been a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a Deputy Attorney General practicing on the civil side of the law, he has a comprehensive and holistic approach as well as an understanding of the law as it relates to those afflicted. As a result, Mr. Kearns is personally motivated to seek protection and justice for you.